What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the kind of marketing, based on the idea that relevant content is the single best way to attract, connect and interact with a well defined target audience.

Examples of content marketing are custom publishing, custom media, customer media, customer publishing, member media, private media, branded content, corporate media, corporate publishing, corporate journalism, branded journalism, custom content and branded media.

The internet causes a constant 'hunger' for new content. Nearly all succesfull sites refresh their content at least on a daily basis, but most of the times much more frequently. Google and other search engines have a predilection for sites that have fast changing content. Active sites are being indexed over and over again. Fresh content attracts people. And connects them.

Modern marketing has become impossible without good content. And good content is content that is relevant, valuable, current and refreshing. Good content constantly changes and is adapted to the target audience, the environment and the time of day.

A well executed content marketing strategy will attract potential customers. They will stop at your site, read the content and ultimately change their behaviour.