The downside of content marketing

The definition of content marketing inevitable implies the downside of this kind of marketing. Content needs to be refreshed constantly to stay of interest for the target audience. How are you going to organise that and - even more challenging - how are you going to pay for it?

Only few organisations can afford the luxury of a dedicated editorial staff. Editors and corporate journalists who select the relevant news, edit and enrich articles and publish them on your site. Content marketing seems out of reach for most of the companies.

Problem solved
With our fully automated job and news portals this problem has been tackled. Contentq makes content marketing affordable for even the smallest organizations.

The Contentq Automated PortalĀ® independently collects news and jobs from all kinds of sources that are relevant for your target audience and publishes the content without human intervention on your site. In doing so, it creates an environment where your customers like to come to, find relevant information and get inspired.

In this environment you can advertise your own products, services and other content. You can promote your news and you can lead new and existing customers to your corporate site or web shop.